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DECEMBER 27, 2012

If you are looking for a professional, skilled crew who believe in customer satisfaction, then Canada Tree Care should be your pick. The team trimmed and thinned out 2 large trees in my back yard.

Clean up was included, this was a job could never do on my own. I'm grateful that there are companies like this who will do it for you at a decent price. I just made sure that anything that could get in the guys way during the trimming was removed from the yard. Very reliable, I will use them again.

DECEMBER 17, 2012

They removed 3 - 20 foot+ palm trees, a 20 foot yucca, pruned and removed major limbs of 100 year old Stone Pine tree, removed 2 - 20 foot Bird of Paradise trunks, trimmed 2 palms and 2 Giant Bird of Paradise, and removed vine growth along a fence of 50 by 6 foot. Mike Barker, the owner, is a certified arboris and gave my wife and me the estimate. He knew what and how we wanted the work to be done. His crew and foreman were efficient, took their time to do the work right and safely, and often checked with us as the work progressed. The workers were great.

OCTOBER 29, 2012

The crew did a great job. The large tree looks very neat, but not sparse. The hedges look great and I am thrilled to be rid of my overgrown landscaping. This job was a lot of work and the crew did it quickly and for a very reasonable price. Much of the work affected my neighbor's yard and the guys were very considerate of their property. I would hire them again in a second.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2012

Trimmed a large Jacaranda tree and a very very large camphor tree, cleaned up all branches and leaves (there was a LOT because the trees hadn't been trimmed or pruned in years) and disposed of all branches, etc. I had received estimates from 4 companies. They all wanted to drastically cut these trees back, and the estimates were all around $1800.00. I made it clear that I didn't want the pruning to be that drastic, and Mike, from Canada Tree Care, really listened to what I wanted and gave me an excellent price. They cut off huge overgrown branches that extended over my neighbors fence by at least 10 feet, and over my roof and driveway. Plus there were many broken or partially detached branches way up throughout all areas of the tree that would have come down in the next storm. They also clean all of my rain gutters, which I didn't expect (saved me paying someone to do it). It is obvious looking at my trees that they have been trimmed, but it was done so well that they look healthy and pretty. The canopies are very nicely rounded; they look better than they have in many years. Clean up was perfect! Very professional. I would definitely recommend this company!

SEPTEMBER 08, 2012

Canada Tree Care trimmed a set of extremely large trees, remove several large dead and obstructive ones and cleared an extensive area of undergrowth. They brought a crew of 11 extremely skilled and hard workers who were able to climb, secure themselves and rope and remove many large limbs, many of them directly over the house. They filled an entire truck with chips and had a second truck for wood. They were able to do our entire job in a single day where others said it would take two. Their price was reasonable. I intend to use them again and highly recommend them.

APRIL 06, 2012

They did a very good job. They did a neat, efficient job, they cleaned up after themselves, and the price was very fair.

MARCH 19, 2012

Mike and his team are great. We had a 80 foot pine fall on Saturday. It landed on another tree about 1 foot away from my son's room. It was propped up htere, but needed to come down. Canada Tree Care came in with the best estimate and could get the work done the next day, on a Sun. Mike said a crew of 5 would be there at 8am and a crew of 5 were there at 8am. Skillfully, his team took down the tree and also trimmed 5 other trees as part of the work. Mike called later in the day just to make sure all went off as planned. Mike and Emilio know what they are doing.

FEBRUARY 02, 2012

Mike agreed to prune a large ash tree in our front yard. He also took a look at our avocado trees in the back yard and said they didn't need to be pruned. They needed to have the dead branches removed. He also said that he would throw in a trim of the large ash tree that is overhanging our roof from the neighbor's yard. I also asked them to move a pile of branches that my husband had cleared in the backyard. They did that without complaint also.

The job went twice as fast as normal because the 2nd crew that was assigned for another house, couldn't get to it because of filming and they came to my house instead. The crew worked quickly and efficiently. I was a little surprised by how much they cut away, but a month later, a huge windstorm hit and I was glad they cut away as much as they did.

OCTOBER 25, 2011

I've used Canada Tree care on a number of occasions to trim trees at rental properties. When I had a major brush clearing job at Sierra M**** Canyon property, I got an estimate from them along with 3 others. Mike's estimate was on par with one other and a fair amount lower than the other 2. Since I had experience with them, I went with them. They cleared out dense brush on a steep slope. They had to entirely remove 2 dead trees as well. The work took 2 full days running his entire crew. They did a fabulous job, especially considering the amount of poison oak & hornets nests they ended up running into. I am happy to recommend them for large or small jobs.

OCTOBER 08, 2011

I called Wednesday afternoon, the owner Michael came out the next morning. He gave me a reasonable quote on the spot. I had two other tree services come out that day to give me quotes. Canada Tree Care's was the lowest by a significant about. (I did not have the tree stump ground, that would have been an extra $200.) On Thursday, we made an appointment for Saturday morning. He was actually able to come by on Friday afternoon. He brought a crew of 9. Within two hours the tree was gone and they cleaned-up the site. The crew had to work around electrical and telephone wires. Very professional. I would definitely use this company's services again.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

They trim the trees and are very knowledgeable with trees. If you tell them what you want done before they arrive, they'll take care of it. They do what you ask but will also give you their advice on what they think you should do to the tree. They clean up afterwards and move potted plants back to their places.

AUGUST 22, 2011

It was a perfect experience. I phoned for an estimate, and Mike showed up on time the next day. Given his reputation for quality, I was pleasantly surprised by the extremely fair price. His crew showed up on time a week later, and they proved to be professional, friendly, and considerate as well. They were in and out in three hours and didn't leave a stray leaf on the ground. Since my father was in the tree business over 30 years, I know something about quality work, and I was amazed by the job Mike's crew did on the oak trees. My dad couldn't have done any better. This is as good as it gets in terms of quality, value, and service.

JULY 15, 2011

Great job, arrived on time, nice sized crew got the job done early.

APRIL 26, 2011

Mike came out to the house and gave us a written estimate. He was prompt and professional. He actually came out another time and estimated a different job. At that time we didn't go with him (our family thought they had a better tree guy) and I regret not going with him for that first job. This time we were absolutely pleased with the whole process. The crew showed up on time and before we knew it we had about 6 men in the trees. They did a beautiful job on a mature Jacaranda that had been neglected by the previous owners for years. All of the trees looked fantastic and they did a great job removing a horrific bird of paradise root. The only thing I might have changed was I wish that they had trimmed more extensively on a grapefruit tree we have in the back, that thing is a monster. Wonderful to work with, would highly recommend.

MARCH 15, 2011

My concern was having the trees look "stubby" and/or barren looking. Also wanted to make sure that the trees' canopy was intact to support the trees' survival. Mike and his crew of 5 guys came out and did a great job. They had an aesthetic sensibility and left the trees looking great. They also cleaned up nicely when they were finished. I requested that they tarp my pool to keep leaves from falling in which they did.

JANUARY 20, 2011

Canada did an outstanding job pruning our old apricot tree that badly needed it. Owner came and gave us estimate immediately - only negative was that he promised to call and schedule appointment, we didn't hear anything for three weeks, and we had to call back for appointment. Workers who came were extremely professional, did an excellent job pruning trees, were on time and cleaned up 100%. Would highly recommend!

NOVEMBER 4, 2010

It rained all night Friday - it was a "play it by ear" whether the weather would allow the job to go forward as planned. We had scheduled an 8am start - I had to leave by 9:15, still had not heard if they were coming or not - when I returned around noon they were 3/4 done. Very efficient team. They were done by about 1:30. They did a very good job, decent clean up afterwards. And their quote was $150 less than another company's.

OCTOBER 3, 2010

Mike gave me an estimate once he surveyed the tree to be removed and then returned with his foreman and amended the quote to a slightly lower figure. The team was extremely mindful of our property as well as our neighbors to which they also had access to. They protected our water feature, split the wood for firewood and gave us chips for mulching. We couldn't be happier or more pleased. Many thanks Mike!

Douglas and Moray

AUGUST 25, 2010

The five person crew showed up right on time and trimmed our tree in just a few hours. The tree had not been trimmed for several years, so it was overgrown and several branches were close to our roof. They did a terrific job trimming the tree thoroughly and evenly without harming the tree. The crew cleaned up all of the branches and debris.

JULY 30, 2010

Canada Tree Service was responsive from the very first call to schedule the appointment to get an estimate. They came out the next day and were able to schedule the service within two days. They were not the least expensive but did an excellent job at trimming and pruning my trees. I would not hesitate to use their service again.

JULY 26, 2010

We hadn't had our trees trimmed in several years and were getting so overgrown. We have a large lot and a bunch of trees including old Eucalptus trees that are not on our property, but hang over our property because our neighbors never trim them. Mike came and gave me an estimate that I thought was very fair considering the other tree trimming company that I have used for years, was always way overpriced. That's why I started looking for another tree company. Mike is a great guy and knows what he is doing. He's an Arborist and that is why I selected him, plus all his great reviews from Angie's list! His crew came ( a lot of them!) in the morning and got started trimming everywhere. The guy in charge was very nice and asked me to check and see if all of the trimming they were doing was going well...I thought that was great! Concerned that it was the way I had wanted it. They did a fabulous job with the trees. Laced just right....they really know what they are doing. All of his crew are very respectful and really good guys. All in all they did more than I expected and am thrilled that there are companies left that sometimes give more than they take. They cleaned up the area and pool of debris and left everything great. I highly recommend Mike's Canada Tree Care if you are looking for a professional and fair company that doesn't want to nickle and dime you with extras to tack on. Try him...you'll like him!!!!

MAY 19, 2010

My back yard had several large trees, one leaning over my house that needed to come down. They came and did the job quick and right. The took the large tree down over the house with no problems. They also did a great job trimming a large tree that had been neglected for years. Looks great!

MAY 6, 2010

Mike came out to give us an estimate the same day that we called, which was fantastic, and he scheduled the service to be done within the same week. The price was a little more than the other bids we had, but based on previous Angie's list reviews and Mikes assessment of our very large avocado tree, I felt that it was worth paying a little more for this company.

The crew was a couple hours late due to windy conditions that day, and Mike did call to let us know that they were running behind. But they were still an hour later than Mike expected, which was a little inconvenient, since I was dealing with a newborn at home!

Overall, the avocado tree looks great, and they took care of the issues that we asked them to address. The orange tree only needed minor pruning, so no big changes there. They came to collect payment in person the next day, which we thought was a little odd, but overall we had a good experience. A little high-priced, but the work was done quickly and well. The crew was quick and cleaned up well after themselves. They even cleaned off our flat roof of old debris from the recent storms.

APRIL 21, 2010

It went very well. I called three companies to obtain estimates, and all three companies were within $100 of each other. Canada was the lowest. Because I was on jury duty during most of the process, I was not able to adjust my schedule and meet anyone at the house to supervise the work. We communicated only via telephone, but they were easy to reach, the work was done on time, and when I arrived home the Friday afternoon after the work was done, there was absolutely no sign that they had been there, save for the three beautifully raked areas were the stumps had been. The estimate that they gave me was for removal of two stumps only, but as they were doing the work, they noticed a third smaller stump and removed it free of charge.

When I spoke to him later, he explained that his crew asked about another large stump and whether it should also be removed, but as it was a larger stump, it would have been an additional charge, and since he was unable to reach me, they left it alone so as not to charge me over the original estimate.

I was very satisfied with the service I received. Within a week after having this work done, I called him back to examine another of my trees that was partially uprooted to determine whether or not it can be saved.

APRIL 11, 2010

It was amazing! The guys showed up at 8am and by 1130 the jacaranda was completely done. The rest of the trees were all taken down and the job cleaned up and completed by 4:00. They did a super fantastic job of making sure that nothing was damaged and did their best to keep the pool in the back yard as clean as possible. They did break two sprinklers but fixed them and apologized for not have the same kind we had. The fact is the ones they installed are better. I am quite please with the job and the spead and the professionalism. Mike Barker even came just to check in on them and see how things were going. Geronimo who is the foreman did a great job in understanding the job and make sure that everything was taken care of to my satisfaction.

MARCH 24, 2010

Fabulous! They arrived at 8:30 a.m. and worked diligently for 3 hours until the job was done. The person in charge (Geronimo) has many years of experience of working with the owner (who is a certified arborist). Geronimo took great care to make sure that they were doing trimming that is good for the trees and would meet our expectations. We discussed what he would do before they got started. After he trimmed one of the trees, he asked me to look at it and explained what they did. He wanted to be sure that I was satisfied with their approach before they did the rest in case I wanted them to trim back more. He was an artist! I never knew the trees could look that good. He sculpted the trees in a way that corrected their bad shape and balanced them. He thinned them out. They also removed one tree without hurting any of the plants around it. Their work and clean-up was meticulous. They were professional and conscientious.

MARCH 16, 2010

Mike came out to my house to give me an estimate for trimming two large, 50 foot tall Deodora Cedar trees and lightly trimming back three large Chinese Elm trees. Mike's crew of 7 guys showed up on time, did a nice job and cleaned up everything before leaving. The last tree service I used took 1 1/2 days to do with fewer workers. I would recommend Canada Tree Care. Rob

JANUARY 21, 2010

Excellent service, great team, very flexible. A car parked on the street prevented CTS from finishing the job on the day scheduled--they were kind and flexible enough to come back 3 days later after the car had moved. We interviewed 7 different vendors and believe we chose the right one--we unreservedly recommend Mike and his team.

DECEMBER 30, 2009

I wanted a professional (certified arborist) and was willing to pay more. I was not in town during the work, but upon return was totally satisfied with the professional job except no firewood was left. It's a minor thing, and I didn't expect much firewood, but it was part of the arrangement and Mike was subsequently willing to drop some off. He's still not gotten around to it after six weeks, but I believe he's a man of his word and is waiting for a job in the area to drop it by, which is fine since not much firewood was produced from the job. I am glad I had a professional attend to my trees in part because I had a birch die a couple years ago and wanted to be sure my other trees were healthy.

DECEMBER 15, 2009

This company has done two recent jobs for us and they are outstanding. They were careful in covering up plants and moving planters. Their clean-up was spotless and most of all the trees look great. All of the employees were pleasant and helpful.

DECEMBER 9, 2009

I got a couple of estimates and went with Mike even though he was higher the the lowest bid I got.I was impressed with his knowledge and he knew right away how I wanted my tree to look.The last company had cut way to much off my elm tree and I wanted to make sure that didn't happen again.Well it came out beautiful and his crew was freindly and made sure my plants didn't get squashed.I'll use them again. S. Crocket

DECEMBER 5, 2009

Canada Tree Care was the best company I've hired thus far. They arrived on time, even a little bit earlier. They were very courteous and let the neighbors know what was going on and if they were going to need access to trees through their property. Last but not least they did a very impressive job cleaning up after they were done. My neighbors now use their services.

NOVEMBER 3, 2009

I really liked them. Their price was cheaper than the other quotes I got. He seemed knowledgable and knew a lot about trees. He was very nice and on time. He was good. I was going to use them but they didn't have their bonds and licenses.

OCTOBER 27, 2009

I first called Mike last June to get an estimate to trim my trees and hedges. He came by the next day and gave me a detailed estimate. Unfortunately, the weather turned hot and I feared it may not be a good time to trim. I called Mike again several weeks ago and he returned to assess the situation again. We agreed on a price to trim everything. He scheduled me about 10 days out. Mike and his workers showed up on time. They worked very hard for at least 8 hours. They were polite and asked questions when they were not sure if something was to be trimmed. They did a great job cleaning up the branches and trimmings and even cleaned up my neighbor's side of a hedge. I chose Mike because of his great references on Angies list and because he is licensed and insured. Some of his men were at least 20 feet up in trees and so insurance was a must. Mike's price was more than fair and I got more than I paid for. I will use them again next year.

OCTOBER 02, 2009

It went great. Mike came and gave me an estimate for everything above that was only $100 more than another company who only quoted me for the oak tree trimming only. Mike got the permit in a week and did the work while I was away at work. The trees look great and I swear I'd have never known there was a tree removed in our back yard. They cleaned up everything and the only hint that they were there was just a slight sprinkling of saw dust in the grass. A wonderful job. I highly recommend them and I would certainly use them again in the future.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2009

Mike came out and did an estimate. I called back within a week and scheduled an appointment to have the work done and it just so happened he could come the same day. The crew protected my property and completed the job in an equivalent of one day; they were professional and very efficient. They even removed 2 feet of a previous stump to match the stumps left from the removed trees for no extra charge. The clean up was completed quickly and thoroughly. They did a great job for a very fair price.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2009

I selected 3 vendors from Angie's List that served my area. All come to the site and rendered estimates. Cañada seemed to offer the best skills and value for the dollar, even though another vendor was $70 less. Cañada also had a raft of A ratings on Angie's List. Owner did the estimate, all his workers were his employees, had work comp coverage, and liability, and provided proof upon request. And, I had a 5% off coupon thanks to Angie's list. They did all the trimming with a squad of about 6-7 guys and were done in about 7 hours, cleaned up and hauled it all away. Good stuff!

JULY 31, 2009

Their analysis of the tree's problems, especially the potential for limbs breaking due to hot, dry weather following fires from last year was thoughtful and thorough. They handled a dangerous job professionally. I asked if they could save out certain limb sizes and lengths to build a gate. They did so courteously. Michael Barker checked in with us throughout the day. He invited a walk-through at the end of the job, and answered all questions. We are very satisfied with Mr. Barker and his excellent team. Best of all, our magnificent tree still looks great even though hugely trimmed.

APRIL 22, 2009

It went great. All involved were very professional. I got their estimate as well as a couple others. When they seemed to be the best company for the job I called them to arrange for their services. I was called back within a day or two, and it was scheduled for the next day. They were $150 lower than the bid next lowest in price.

JANUARY 29, 2009

The service was excellent in every way. About 15 minutes before our appointment, Mike called to tell me he was enroute. He arrived on time and quickly surveyed the property. He gave me an estimate pretty much on the spot. When the day came for the actual work to be done, his crew arrived on the dot and got to work immediately. They were courteous and professional. When they were finished, they left my property clean and tidy. That was something that really stood out to me. I was very impressed with the service and the professionalism of this company.

JANUARY 29, 2009

I hired Cañada Tree Care recently, and my trees look beautiful! They pruned and beautified a couple of enormous Deadora Cedars that were looking pretty embarrassing beforehand. I can't believe the transformation! My trees are gorgeous and healthy and are much better able to withstand the heavy winds we experience. Mike and his crew also pruned a bunch of other trees on my property, and they all look great. This company is extremely professional, punctual and TIDY! I would recommend their services to anyone who has trees that need attention.

JANUARY 26, 2009

I was concerned about getting my trees trimmed. I have some beautiful Pine trees and I want them to stay healthy. Cañada Tree Service did a great job. It was obvious that the owner, Mike Barker, is very knowledgeable. The trees look great and they did a really good job of cleaning up after they were finished.

OCTOBER 25, 2008

Fabulous! They arrived at 8:30 a.m. and worked diligently for 3 hours until the job was done. The person in charge (Geronimo) has many years of experience of working with the owner (who is a certified arborist). Geronimo took great care to make sure that they were doing trimming that is good for the trees and would meet our expectations. We discussed what he would do before they got started. After he trimmed one of the trees, he asked me to look at it and explained what they did. He wanted to be sure that I was satisfied with their approach before they did the rest in case I wanted them to trim back more. He was an artist! I never knew the trees could look that good. He sculpted the trees in a way that corrected their bad shape and balanced them. He thinned them out. They also removed one tree without hurting any of the plants around it. Their work and clean-up was meticulous. They were professional and conscientious.

FEBRUARY 28, 2008

Very professional. Great job thinning my pines. They had no problem avoiding my power lines and sky lights. Excellent clean up. And VERY reasonable price. I rate them 5 stars.

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