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Mike Barker Philosophy of Pruning

Most deciduous trees respond best when trimmed in the fall. Evergreens can be pruned year round, although pines and eucalyptus should be trimmed in the winter months to avoid attracting bores. California Live Oak trees should be trimmed only during the dormancy period between July and September.

My philosophy for pruning trees is essentially the same for all trees. Light thinning, removing dead wood, and lightly reducing the canopy provides a safe, beautiful tree. Through pruning we enhance the natural characteristics of the tree, making each tree unique to its shape.

We never defoliate a tree to the point where is responds by sending out lots of water sucker growth. Trees need leaves to live, and if heavy topping or defoliation occurs, massive amounts of suckers will follow. In fact, the more drastically a tree is topped, the greater liability a year or two later. Water sucker growth does not firmly attach itself to the tree, so when this growth becomes new tops and branches, they are weaker and more likely to break. There is nothing dangerous about large trees, providing they are maintained annually using the pruning technique adhered to by the International Society of arborculture.

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